Eric, Wen-Jay, Amanda, Marie, Sanji, Guia, Peter, Mark, Nina, Dan, Davide, Melissa, Janelle, Alex, Chris, Annmarie, J, Ben, Matt, Rose, Maria, Rosser, Brad, others?

The Eskalators are a Brooklyn-based musical collective formed by vocalist, Eric Williams, in the summer of 2007.

Eric Williams was driving cross-country with the members of The Best Thing Ever filming a documentary about them called The Surprise Tour. During the middle of the trip, Eric decided to start his own band to open shows for The Best Thing Ever. Alex Billig and Jennifer Page, of The Best Thing Ever, agreed to join his band under the condition that Noah Britton, lead singer of The Best Thing Ever, was not permitted in the band, and the band had to be a ska band.

Eric recruited everyone he knew to play in the Eskalators. They had band practice every Sunday, and drank a lot of beer. Eventually they got tired of being a joke ska band, and Peter never actually knew what ska was, so they started playing good music. They got invited to play a lot of parties, and now they are all rich and famous and eat brunch everyday.

Oh yeah, they also play on the subway sometimes and everyone really likes that.