Hillstock is an annual music festival founded in 2009 by members of the Never Break Down music collective. It takes place every June in the neighborhood of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

We are a non-profit operation. Our goals are to promote great local music, build community, and provide an affordable and fun atmosphere for people of all ages to experience live music.

We believe that if you buy a ticket for a music festival, you should be able to get into every show and see every act that performs.

Everyone who attends our festival pays the same price, and everyone is a V.I.P.

We hope you will join us for Hillstock 2013, our 5th year!
No, you couldn't buy presale tickets online.
No, it didn't take place at a polo field or a public park.
The three-day event didn't even feature formal headliners.
Hillstock, a Do-It-Yourself, self-sustaining venture assembled by musicians and organizers just looking to play together and foster a sense of community within the scene, cost weekend-long attendees $15 in total. - Billboard