No Courage - Nobody Got It

"Nobody Got It"

01. Liberal Hypocrites (All or Nothing)
02. Political Correctness
03. Let It Out
04. I Am a Fucking Island


The second and final release from No Courage. These four songs were intended to be packaged as a 7". Frequent public discussions about the group disbanding dissuaded labels from committing to press any copies and ultimately when the band did officially break up, in August 2009, the songs had yet to be released in any format.

The instruments were recorded during a 2 hour session at The Sweatshop, like on the previous release, but this time a multi-track digital recorder was used to get the questionably more polished sound that you find here. Vocals were recorded at Red Bucket Studios.

Recorded: February, 2009
Lyrics by: Noah
Music by: Noah, Alex, Peter, Dandy, and Zach
Additional Gang Vocals by: Josh Safdie, Janelle Jones, Kate Ferencz, Cassie Seale, and Pete Cook
Recorded & Mixed by: Peter and Zach

Why do you wanna live in a world Where you can make fun of the weak and eccentric But I canít be absurd And funny and ridiculous? You say ďHaha that guyís awesomeĒ When you see someone weirdly dressed But when I say ďIím well-hung like Emmett Tillís dadĒ You get all offended and shit Itís all or nothing All or nothing Jews, blacks, gays, old, dumb, bald, poor, thin, weak, short, trans, dead, Nothing is sacred! Itís all okay if you never mean it But if you draw the line Then you really believe it And youíre a fucking asshole All or nothing

Itís been 20 years how is this still an issue? Youíd think weíd have gotten past it by now What do I have to say to teach you Itís about beliefs not whatís allowed? How can we resolve our differences When you find sexism thatís not there? Itíll never go away while you divide us Iím not anti- women Iím just fair So shut up!You donít get to tell me what to do Iím going to focus on whatís important Who each person is, what they can do, not their gender If a womanís an idiot, call her out If a manís an idiot, call him out But donít treat them differently Discrimination is wrong either way you look at it And no you donít get to play police officer I get to tell you to leave me alone Iím not hurting you Words are just words and thatís it Whatís real is what counts and thatís rarely thoseYou owe me what I owe you You donít get to tell me what to do

Dogs are clawing out my eyes from the inside If I donít let them out, part of me will die But when I do everyone gets scaredĎcuz they see whatís inside here I breathe fire so they all jump higher Iíd rather stay alive and keep getting fired Than cut off my balls and squash my heart Itís all worth it just for this part: LET IT OUT! My voice corrodes and my career dries up But my heart explodes and my veins rise up When I look back on this ride with pride I know it was worth it to decide to LET IT OUT! You hate your dad? LET IT OUT! Youíre not p.c.? LET IT OUT! Youíre pro-life? LET IT OUT! You hate smoke? LET IT OUT! Youíre a nerd? LET IT OUT! You know youíre gay? LET IT OUT! You love the Lord? LET IT OUT! You think Iím wrong? LET IT OUT!

No one can touch me I live alone Real men donít need anybody My will is stone I donít need a lover To steal my covers And I donít need friends That Iíd have to defend I am a fucking island You donít need that shit! Why do everything alone? It wonít make it better will it? You just want control.Community is boring but why be lonely? Real strength comes from vulnerability I donít have all the answers to give But you canít be a fucking island and really live Donít be an island

No Courage - Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits: The Early Years - Volume 2

"No Courage"
JULY 2008 - NBD002 - TAPE

01. No Courage
02. Inhuman
03. Don't Watch the News
04. The Last Hipster
05. Cunt Bitch (Go Away)
06. Defense

01. No Courage
02. Inhuman
03. Don't Watch the News
04. The Last Hipster
05. Cunt Bitch (Go Away)
06. Defense


The debut release from No Courage.

Each side was recorded on a 4-track tape in 2 hours at The Sweatshop. Side B was recorded on 2 tracks, one for vocals and one for the instruments. Side A was recorded on four tracks (drums, bass, guitar, guitar), and vocal tracks were recorded separately later that month in Peter's bathroom.

Recorded: June, 2008
Lyrics by: Noah
Music by: Noah, Alex, Peter, Randy, and Zach
Recorded & Mixed by: Peter Naddeo and Alex Billig

This songís about having no courage And how I never stare anyone down Or if Iím leaning towards the ledge, I will get up and turn around Always give them what they want And donít say no or youíre too mean Never call anyone a cunt And never let them hear you scream Ahhhhh! Iím tired of this life! No courage causes cancer Lies are too nice The truth is the answer Iím gonna tell you what I think And I will not apologize You all want this ship to sink But Iím gonna make it rise! Donít be afraid you can be proud Honestyís always allowed Disappoint your dad donít be too nice ĎCause you both pay when you entice Donít go along to get along Bang a gong and say theyíre wrong And if you need it to be strong You can sing along on this song: ďNo courage, no courage, no courage, no courageĒ

Try to tell me how to live my life Try to tell me how to be a man Try to tell me, I'm not listeniní Go fuck yourself with your whole hand Youíre a feminist and anti-racist So you only date black men or women Being a ďfeministĒ is really sexist ĎCause I can hate you and not all women Inhuman (2) You're not human anymore You sold yourself To be P.C. You're a conformist whore I wanna kill you but I don't have to I wanna kill you but you beat me to it You're dead inside, forcing a halt I hate you and it's all your fault

He looks around for those he knows at shows But no one looks at him He wants to dance with his cell phone But thereís no one left to do it with him Heís 28 and remembers the glory days Watching Orchid obliterate But everyone he knew grew up and moved And no one looks at him (2) The last hipster wonít get a eulogy Because no one cares about him They always loved him when he was like them But they never thought of him really Heís worked as a clerk at the bank for a year Thanks to his dad for the career And no one looks at him as he makes the change And no one looks at him Ďcause he never changed He never changed

All you know is what you've been told Everyone believes the same things No one discovers stuff anymore And now your brains no longer fold DON'T WATCH THE NEWS (5) Underneath every news report They're telling you to get more scared And fear can never get resolved You've been partially reinforced DON'T WATCH THE NEWS (5) Your influences can be the best Don't tolerate those boring bands Just sing out loud and pound your chest Or do a dance or clap your hands No more blues bands No more bar beer No more cigarettes No more cokeheads No more Myspace No more cop shows No more flyers No more Phish phans No more clowning No more posters No more racists No more P(olitical) C(orrectness) No more welfare No more bullshit in my life, no more!

What the fuck is your problem you goddamned cunt? All you've ever done is nitpick everything on Earth And not just me but everybody You've got a chip on your shoulder the size of my dick And that's pretty big That was a sexist joke for you, you cunt! Go away (3) Thank God you'll never get equal rights Thereís no equality for stupid people No one would ever talk to you if you werenít so hot Youíre all superego and no id Standing up for yourself Isnít attacking everyone you meet You donít ever do anything youíre asked Youíre the exact opposite of helpful, A bad person and a fucking bitch!

Laughing when you make a mistake Making jokes about your face Pretending you like a band when you don't Modifying your opinions so you won't Offend anyone who's too sensitive These are all defense mechanisms Don't be such a pussy or life will kick your ass Try to be cool, you'll never accomplish that They call it offensive Ďcause you're on the offense Everybody sing it now: ďOffense, offense, offense, offenseĒ Telling the truth when you look dumb Arguing with someone Never being moderate Telling your dad he's full of shit The easiest way to lose the fight Is being too nice your entire life

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