BAND MEMBERS (2008 -2009):
Noah - Vox
Pete & Alex - Guitars
Zach - Drums
Randy - Bass (January 2008 - July 2008)
Dandy - Bass

"Arguing with someone, never being moderate, telling your dad he's full of shit. The easiest way to lose the fight, is being too nice your entire life."

Open up and catch a mouthful of straightforward, wild-out hardcore from a quiet, cozy little town in the northeast known as New York fuckin' City. The riffs are sharp-fanged and willing. The beats are unapologetic. The vocals are laced with the fury and frustration of a teenage runaway, armed with nothing but a notebook, ten bucks, and a couple SST tapes he snagged off his brother's dresser on the way out.

The point is not easily missed. No makeup. No gimics. No bullshit. NO COURAGE!

2008 - No Courage
2009 - Nobody Got It